Sab Xew
Doctoral Candidate

Sab’s research concerns the concepts and social narratives that we weave around psychedelic and anomalous states. She is currently working on her PHD which is about the ways that we frame states of ‘madness’, especially in regards to Western psychiatry, and how this framing becomes part of those very states and experiences – often insidiously. She uses psychedelic research and insight from the ways that psychedelic spaces communicate to inform new frameworks for understanding ‘psychotic’ or anomalous experiences and the narratives and kinds of communications that surround them. She believes that the madness movement and the psychedelic movement can be allies, and works to help bridge this gap. She is also an experienced volunteer for Psycare UK which is a psychedelic harm reduction service that attends festivals, providing support and help for people undergoing psychedelic crises. She sees her work in both these areas as contributions to the paradigm change that she believes psychedelics are capable of. She is committed to promoting the socio-political changes that psychedelics can inspire, as well as lending a critical eye on how the socio-political intertwines with and informs these anomalous states of consciousness and the movement as a whole. In particular she is interested in the wider intersections of psychedelics with queer theory, critical transhumanism, and feminist concerns. As well as researching, teaching and writing about this, Sab explores ‘the psychedelic’ through her performance art in dance, circus and burlesque.