Regina Hess
Clinical psychologist

Beyond Experience - The MIND Foundation Integration Program

BEYOND EXPERIENCE is part of the MIND Foundation Integration Program and both a MIND Academy experienced-based workshop and a research project. The MIND Foundation Integration team has set up a structured program that supports participants in getting the most out of their experiences in altered states of consciousness. This includes both harm reduction and self-development, while at the same time connecting with others and building community. The program’s multi-modal approach is substantiated by a theoretical background in acceptance and commitment therapy and psychotherapy research findings.

We have staged five test runs in Berlin and Amsterdam (in German and English) which are being evaluated to develop a standardised evidence-based MIND Foundation Integration Manual. Subsequently, the first facilitator training course will be conducted in 2020. Other formats under construction include the “Morning After Integration Circle” and study, the development of the MIND Integration Therapy curriculum, and the MIND Foundation Integration Game. The speakers are members of the MIND Foundation Integration team which is developing the Integration manual and are facilitating the program in Amsterdam and undertaking the research project.

Regina U. Hess, PhD, is a clinical psychologist, holds a PhD in transpersonal psychology (USA/UK), and researcher. She is faculty at international educational institutes and has authored various articles and books. She is a member of the Swiss Medical Society for Psycholytic Therapy. Regina is lead of the MIND Foundation for Psychedelic Sciences, Amsterdam Office, NL.