Pamela Kryskow

Group Therapy with Ketamine Assisted Therapy.

Pam will discuss experiences treating PTSD in group settings in firefighters in Vancouver with ketamine assisted therapy.

Dr. Pamela Kryskow is a medical doctor and the medical lead of the Non Profit Roots To Thrive Psychedelic Assisted Therapy Programs that treats people with PTSD, depression, anxiety, substance use challenges and with end of life distress.
She is a founding board member of the Psychedelic Association of Canada and the medical chair of the Vancouver Island University Post Graduate Certificate in Psychedelic Medicine assisted Therapy.

Ongoing research includes psilocybin, MDMA, ketamine, microdosing, front line health care workers and first responders mental wellness. Prior to studying medicine she was a City of Coquitlam Firefighter for 8 years and provincial forestry firefighter for 4 seasons.

In real life she loves hiking in the forest, ocean kayaking, growing kale and daydreaming in the hammock. Her heritage includes Polish, Ukrainian, and German.

She currently resides in the traditional unceded territory of the Klahoose First Nations.