Oli Genn-Bash
Co-founder, University of Kent Canterbury Psychedelics Society

Psychedelic comedy panel discussion

This panel will bring well known American comedians Shane Mauss and Adam Strauss to discuss their stand-up comedy and recent shows surrounding the theme of psychedelics. We would like to bring more attention to the relationship between psychedelics and comedy, which has a rich history with many comedians such as Bill Hicks, George Carlin and Doug Stanhope being explicitly influenced by their experiences with psychedelic substances.

This topic continues to be popular within the comedy community and the closely associated podcast community, through which a medium has been provided to allow for broader discussion, more acceptance and legitimisation of these topics.

Oli Genn-Bash is co-founder of the University of Kent Canterbury Psychedelics Society and UK Psychedelic Comedy. He has helped to organise talks in London as part of the Psychedelia Railway Gatherings along with a series of talks in Kent through the Psychoactive Hub. Oli's postgraduate research has primarily been within the field of politics, philosophy and mysticism, with a specific focus on stand-up comedy as a practice of resistance and how psychedelic substances have played a role in the work of comedians such as Bill Hicks. In his spare time Oli enjoys making experimental ambient drone music as part of a duo and giving talks on the wonders of cannabis.