Nzambe Divanga
Bwiti practitioner

Iboga and Bwiti

This talk will allow people curious about the African root Iboga to engage a personal dialogue with a traditional Bwiti shaman (nganga) who incarnates deep experience with this entheogen, both on therapeutic and mystical levels. The discussion will explore the particular dynamics of iboga, that distinguish it from other entheogens, as well as the ceremonial framework that evolved indigenously and interpenetratively with the plant. The dialogue will open us to an exploration of the meaning of transmission, the power of sacred context, the impact of intentional language, intrapersonal group dynamics and ancestor communication. It’s a talk that may provoke insights that challenge the dominant narratives both about plant medicines and spirituality itself.

Nzambe Divanga is a Gabonese born Nganga – an initiated practitioner of the Bwiti tradition of Gabon and has been immersed in its practice for over 20 years. He has extensively worked with both Africans and Europeans in workshops, seminaries and most importantly, the ceremonial space and is deeply experienced in the theory, practice and science of African initiation culture.