Norma J Burton
CEO, Lucid Living

The shadow in the psychedelic movement - and what we can do about it

Norma J. Burton is a CEO of Lucid Living, Inc. and Founder of the Journey to Completion shadow work training program. She is a Depth Psychology Therapist, Educator, Executive Coach, Hospice Chaplain, with over 30 years of experience studying with indigenous elders, extensive graduate studies in comparative religions and Jungian psychology. Her work background includes being CEO of International NGOs and Director of Mental Health treatment centers.

Through her unique trauma healing modality she has trained countless corporate executives, university professors, and individuals to lead with impeccability. She has a deep understanding of the concept of shadow work and has conducted research and led individuals and groups in shadow integration work through psychedelic-assisted therapy. As an expert teacher of psychonavigation skills, Norma is passionate about sharing her insights and experiences with others.

She is a leader in the Oregon psychedelic movement, having served on the Oregon Rules Committee, where she provided recommendations on how psilocybin assisted therapy can be most effectively implemented. She is an internationally acclaimed educator regarding the transformative power of psychedelics having formulated curriculum and taught professional training programs. Norma is excited to share her insights and experiences with the conference attendees, and hopes to inspire a deeper exploration of the unconscious dynamics within the psychedelic movement. With a wealth of knowledge and experience in this field, she is well-equipped to offer a nuanced and informed perspective on the hidden aspects of the psychedelic movement.