Moudou Baqui
Psychedelic Coach and Community Organiser

Wakanda not Woodstock: Afrofutirism and culturally relevant approaches to psychedelics.

Psychedelics are the new panacea for depression and addiction, but the research has largely been conducted on white people. How do psychedelics affect black people? What are the unique challenges to treating trauma in communities of colour? This talk will cover healing techniques for depression and addiction.

We will also focus on the how trauma is externalised through behaviour and mindsets. In detail, we will review training modules for therapy in communities of colour some of which include; Plant and fungus based tools for self-exploration and development; Cultural foundations of psychedelic use in Black and indigenous communities; Function of psychedelics in the mind and body/ trauma in the Black community; Intake and assessment of participants ensuring safety and best results; Use of ritual; Dosage protocols in relation to each substance; Post experience Integration what is it? Why is it important? What does it look like in communities of colour?

Moudou Baqui is a Detroit native and visionary community organiser. He served as the spokesperson and principle organiser of Prop E Decriminalisation of Entheogens in Detroit, which successfully passed in 2021. Under the tutelage of Kilindi Iyi, he has studied Africa combative martial arts and sacred plants use and culture for over 20 years. He was exposed to the knowledge and application, cultivation and cultural history of entheogens. He has further continued his studies of ancient human history, metacognition, and entheogens via travel on several continents. He currently sits on the National Decriminalise Nature Board. He is the founder of H.U.U.D Noetics (Healing Urban Communities Through Unleashed Divinity) an organisation dedicated educating the public on the major benefits of psychedelics as a therapeutic tool for addiction and depression. He works as a psychedelic coach for mental health professionals in a nationally recognised Psychedelic Therapy training program. His work has been featured in 2022 Psychedelia magazine series.