Mark Lewis is a British IT consultant specialising in the industrial design of globally-distributed cloud infrastructure supporting household financial brands. He directs the IT for Breaking Convention.

At Kent University, he first read microbiology and then computer science, specialising in prokaryotic macromolecular 3D graphics. His bioinformatics research at Exeter University focused on the calmodulin gene family in the model plant Arabidopsis thaliana, and particularly the novel use of computer graphics to elucidate important 5' upstream regulatory DNA binding elements.

His private research interests broadened in 2018 to found a not-for-profit organisation called Psy Industries which investigates the use of global cloud infrastructure to help improve human access to evidence-based research and public-domain information on psychedelics and includes the development of the first dedicated psychedelics research application for iOS and Android.

His self-published book on LSD, Do Not Exceed the Stated Dose was favourably received by The Observer in 2001.