Luisa Suarez
Breaking Convention Volunteers Lead

Inspired to enter the field of mental health after witnessing a friend’s personal struggle, Luisa holds a bachelor's degree in Psychology with nearly a decade’s experience and professional development working in NHS mental health services.

In her last NHS role, Luisa co-produced and delivered events and training, including workshops for Royal College of Psychiatrists forums. She has worked in a range of production and management roles at music festivals and events across the UK, where she attended workshops and talks which sparked her interest in the field of psychedelics.

She has empowered, coached and led service-users and their supportive networks; working towards a co-creative, heterarchical model of leadership that brings everyone's input and skills together for positive change.

Luisa loves to travel and learn new languages. While living in the American continents, she practised her linguistic skills and expanded her knowledge around psychedelic assisted therapies.