Tribes Get High: Power, Practice and Politics in the Psychedelic Renaissance

In this presentation Julian will explore some of the key debates within the contemporary psychedelic community including ethical, ideological and tactical considerations for those who believe that psychedelic substances should be accessible in better ways within our cultures. An exploration of these debates will be set within a first-person account of the authors recent psilocybin experience at the Medical Research Department of King's College Hospital. Informed by a psychedelic experience unfolding in a licensed research setting this paper will present reflections on issues such as the medicalisation of psychedelics, the imagined tension between scientist and shaman, and the relationship of research data to wider social discourse. Published material will be quoted in order to explicate these tensions. The embodied experience of the authors participation in the medical trial will provide the vantage point for analysis.

Julian Vayne is an occultist and the author of numerous books, essays, journals and articles in both the academic and esoteric press. His work is informed by the post-modern style of chaos magic as well as lineages within Wicca and Uttarakaula Tantra. Julian is a co-organizer of Breaking Convention, is a Trustee of The Psychedelic Museum Project and The Friends of the Boscastle Museum of Witchcraft. Julian facilitates psychedelic ceremony as well as providing one-to-one psychedelic integration sessions and support. He is the author of the celebrated Getting Higher: The Manual of Psychedelic Ceremony.