John Constable
Poet, playwright, ritualist

The One Made Many – collective ritual in 23 minutes.

An inclusive, participatory ritual, open to all faiths and none. To celebrate the Spirit in The Flesh, the Sacred in the Profane, Eternity in Time. The One Made Many in each of us, as unique individual manifestations of an integrated mycelium, a mushroom-fruiting body. Together we enter a state of shining emptiness, wherein The One is Nothing and even Nothing is No Thing, as evoked in The Heart Sutra. We embody the elements, sinking roots in Earth, a silver thread drawing us up into the Air, shaking to wake the fire, floating in water. To culminate in dance and unconditional blessings. Come join us in this act of co-creation to express the emerging spirituality of psychedelic dance culture.

John Constable is a poet, playwright and ritualist. His plays includes Gormenghast, The Southwark Mysteries (Shakespeare's Globe and Southwark Cathedral), I Was An Alien Sex God, and Spare (inspired by the works of Austin Osman Spare). His published works include Sha-Manic Plays, The Southwark Mysteries, Gormenghast, Secret Bankside and Spark In The Dark. His recent book Grail interweaves myths and poetic spells with vignettes of contemporary life in Glastonbury.

He’s been an invited speaker at Breaking Convention, The Occult Conference, Trans-States and many other symposia. On the album Ancestor Souls he performs his work to music by Queen Space Baroque. As the shaman John Crow he recently completed a 23-year cycle of magical works at south London’s Cross Bones Graveyard, conducting monthly rituals and creating a shrine and garden for sex workers and outcasts. He and his wife / co-practitioner Katy Kaos have held ceremonies at festivals and sacred sites around the world. They now live in Glastonbury.