Hattie Wells
Director of Breaking Convention

Psychedelics and parenting – a sharing circle
Facilitators: Hattie Wells and Svea Neilson

The vision for this is a well-held, non-judgemental sharing circle, where parents or carers, can come and openly discuss the ways in which they integrate their work with psychedelics or plant medicines with their family lives, their role as parents and how to navigate discussions with children, given the context of prohibition. Elders who have traversed this landscape will be sharing their experiences and lessons learned.

Hattie Wells is an ethnobotanist, former ibogaine facilitator and activist. She spent many years researching the cultural and therapeutic use of psychedelics, before becoming interested in ethnogynaecology and carrying out fieldwork in Namibia with the San Bushmen.

Her research in the Kalahari was followed by developing and managing a sustainable livelihood initiative in the region with the Global Diversity Foundation. Back in Europe she has worked with NGOs on conservation issues and more latterly drug policy reform (Transform Drug Policy Foundation and the Beckley Foundation). She is currently working as Policy Projects Coordinator for the Beckley Foundation, and is carrying out research and development with the Seedsman CBD. She is actively involved with Extinction Rebellion, and lives in Wiltshire with her two daughters.