Greg De Hoedt
Founder, UK Cannabis Social Clubs

Cannabis Rights

Why do people break the law when it comes to cannabis? And why do others stick their head above the line to try and change the law even when it could get them in more trouble? Greg’s talk will look into the reason cannabis activism is thrust upon some people, explore the origins of the UK Cannabis Social Club (UKCSC) movement and discuss the way cannabis consumer groups have organised to keep their communities safe and try to change the law. UKCSC will also be launching their research work with the Global Drug Survey at Breaking Convention 2019.

Greg de Hoedt is founder of the UK Social Cannabis Clubs, and chairman of the Brighton Cannabis Club.

The UK Cannabis Social Clubs campaign for adult legalisation of cannabis; to provide safer access, with the right to grow at home or in a shared space and purchase labelled, lab tested products through regulated outlets with proof of age.

UKCSC is the UK cannabis consumer voice, offering practical and legal advice and guidance to Cannabis Social Clubs, politicians and police forces in order to provide a self regulatory frame work to reduce risks.

UKCSC are a not for profit Non Government Organisation founded in 2011 by concerned citizens comprised of experienced healthcare professionals, industry experts, horticulturists, clinical researchers, patients, entrepreneurs and activists from across the UK, United States, Europe and the rest of the world.
UK Cannabis Social Clubs are Private Membership Clubs for adult medical and social use acting as a first point of contact for cannabis consumers, patients, advice, general cannabis information, harm reduction and education.