David Nutt
Professor of neuropsychopharmacology

The Roots of Cannabis Policy Change

David's talk will explore the basis of cannabis being a controlled drug with a focus on the political machinations behind the decision to make it illegal in the 1930s. He will then describe the efforts that the charity he set up in 2009 [DrugScience.org.uk] have made to reverse this unevidenced action, and share the plans they have for improving access for UK patients, who have been badly let down by the current intense regulations that followed cannabis being moved to Schedule 2 of the MDAct1971 in November 2018, that have meant that not a single NHS patient has been able to obtain a prescription.

David Nutt is currently the Edmund J Safra Professor of Neuropsychopharmacology and Head of the Centre for Neuropsychopharmacology in the Division of Brain Science, Dept of Medicine, Hammersmith Hospital, Imperial College London. He is also visiting professor at the Open University in the UK and Maastricht University in the Netherlands.He is currently President of the European Brain Council and Chair of the Independent Scientific Committee on Drugs (ISCD) and Past-President of the British Neuroscience Association. In addition he is a Fellow of the Royal Colleges of Physicians, of Psychiatrists and of the Academy of Medical Sciences.

He is also the UK Director of the European Certificate and Masters in Affective Disorders Courses and a member of the International Centre for Science in Drug Policy. He has edited the Journal of Psychopharmacology for over fifteen years and acts as the psychiatry drugs advisor to the British National Formulary. He has published over 400 original research papers, a similar number of reviews and books chapters, eight government reports on drugs and 27 books including one for the general public Drugs without the hot air, which won the Transmission book prize in 2014.