Daan Keiman
Buddhist and psychedelic chaplain

Moving at the Pace of Trust: Rethinking the Bottleneck Problem.

As the 'psychedelic renaissance' is ushered into mainstream society, we are faced with different questions and challenges pertaining to the training of professional guides, therapists and facilitators. Although some experts argue that the main bottleneck problem in the timely roll-out of psychedelic care is not having enough qualified psychedelic therapists and facilitators, I will argue that the main bottleneck is the speed with which we seek to roll out psychedelic care. This 'breakneck' speed is a direct expression of systemic dynamics that lead us to forgo the development of specific key competencies. Lessening professional requirements, shortening training, and lowering competencies—all to meet demand, minimise costs, or increase profit—has the potential to cause serious harm to clients while also reinforcing pre-existing systemic inequalities. Moreover, the divorce of psychedelic care from community, and the prevalence of neoliberal and hyper individualist notions of healing could exacerbate the very problems psychedelic care seeks to address. In this presentation I seek to offer some alternative principles that could help shape and reimagine psychedelic care.

Daan Keiman has supported people preparing for, moving through and integrating psychedelic experiences for over 15 years in a wide variety of settings - ranging from offering psychedelic harm reduction at festivals and leading group ceremonies at the Synthesis Institute, to his private practice as a Buddhist and psychedelic chaplain. He recently co-founded the Communitas Collective, a not-for-profit psychedelic think-and-practice tank dedicated to developing, refining and disseminating ethical approaches and best practices to delivering psychedelic care.