The Ceremony Study - Findings from The Experience Retreats

This presentation describes the findings of the Ceremony Study - a project coordinated by the Centre for Psychedelic Studies, Imperial College London - completed by participants of the Experience Retreats, a psilocybin-assisted retreat programme in Europe. The intention is to share tools that guide participants through the preparation, navigation and integration of the psychedelic experience. This presentation will focus on how individual traits, and variables pertaining to set and setting, shape this acute experience. It describes aspects that shape long-term responses to ritualised psychedelic use; focusing on the effects on general well-being, feelings of connectedness and naturerelatedness, political perspectives and metaphysical assumptions.

Ciara is co-director and lead facilitator of the Experience Retreats programme, the pioneering psilocybin retreat organisation in Europe. She has gained experience through harm reduction work, psychedelic assisted psychotherapy training and education in alternative healing modalities. Her passion is integrating the lessons of the psychedelic experience into daily life and wider society to create change that is essential for our psychological and environmental health.