Andy Roberts

Divine Rascal: From The Man Who Turned On The World to the man who turned on the world

Michael Hollingshead, who introduced Tim Leary to LSD and thus acted as midwife to the psychedelic revolution of the Sixties is arguably psychedelic culture’s most enigmatic character. Little has been known about his other adventures but Andy Roberts’ biography of the zelig-like Hollingshead has unearthed new information about all aspects of Hollingshead’s life from his encounter with Leary through Millbrook, his commune on the Isle of Cumbrae, his computerised I Ching installation and adventures in Scandanavia, America and London until his death in Bolivia.

Andy is a historian of Britain’s LSD psychedelic culture and author of Albion Dreaming: A Social History of LSD in Britain (Marshall Cavendish 2008, 2012) and Acid Drops (Psychedelic Press, 2016). His other research interests include, listening to music, hill walking, beach combing, reading, landscapes and their mysteries, natural history and paranormal phenomena.

Musically, he has been severely influenced and affected by the Grateful Dead and the Incredible String Band among a host of others. He first fell down the rabbit hole in 1972 and has been exploring the labyrinth of passages ever since. His views on the psychedelic experience are (basically) – You take a psychedelic and you get high. What happens after that is largely the result of dosage, set and setting.