Aimée Tollan
Director of Breaking Convention

Aimée has been involved in the psychedelic community for over a decade. She joined Breaking Convention as a Director in 2014 and also sits on the board as a Trustee. She manages the day-to-day running of the charity, curates the academic programme, manages the social media account and is the lead editor on the current edition of The Breaking Convention Collection of Essays. Previously, she has worked as Director of Screening at The Synthesis Institute where she managed the screening team. This team ensure the safety of every retreat attendee by assessing the possible contraindications with psilocybin truffles depending on the clients' physical and mental health histories. Aim√©e holds a BSc in anthropology from The University of Kent, and an MSc in psychology from The University of Greenwich, where she was also President of The University of Greenwich Psychedelic Society. She has conducted research into drug policy, and the cannabis-induced altered state of consciousness. She currently resides in East London.