Acacea Sherman-Lewis
Founder of Divine Master Alchemy

Psychedelic Mushrooms & Physics: Exploring the "Quantum-Verse" and Infraparticle Realms at High Dose.

The smaller and smaller you go, the faster and more efficient any system built at that scale becomes and I have been researching the mystic studies of many cultures in order to find the missing link between the so called macro-verse and sub particle dimensions of space-time, to determine their shape and metric, so that we can better understand how those realities are embedded in the macro world. I will give examples from many different practices, from Aztec, African and Tibetan systems that employ the use of psychedelics to inquire with the very small and then observe for signs in the macroverse answering their questions about a myriad of things happening in the unseen realms. I will also give my first hand experience in exploring these realms and how I came to the conclusion that some strange forms of travel were occurring with the assistance of the psilocybin mushroom.

I believe that by studying and thinking far out of the box of duality and theories about consciousness as a state of matter, we can approach a potentially new and more effective universal theory of relativity that accurately captures the shape of these unseen large extra dimensions, some of which were detected in research at Fermi-lab in Chicago before the lab was shut down. "Through the production of new particles that move in the extra space, the LHC experiments will have direct sensitivity to extra dimensions 10 billion times smaller than the size of an atom. There is also a chance that, due to the existence of extra dimensions, microscopic black holes may be detected at the LHC or in the highest energy cosmic rays." This quote is taken from a Fermilab article and I think the answer lies in utilising the human body as a living particle collider, to unify with particles of consciousness and explore these extra dimensional realms. Inspired by the properties of the human eye, "physicists have (already) created a processor that can analyse sub-atomic particles 400 times faster than the current state of the art." Thank you for your consideration!


Acacea Lewis is a researcher, student and founder of Divine Master Alchemy LLC, K.I.M (Kambo, Iboga and Mushroom) Academy and Cofounder of The Medicine Travelers that was founded in 2018 by herself and her late partner Mike Lewis. She has been teaching online classes about, herbal, ethnobotanical, and Entheogenic plant medicines for over 5 yrs, both online and in-person. Her school Divine Master Alchemy, also called Divine Master University; borrows its name from the DMT molecule, often referred to as Divine Master Truth.

She has over 11 yrs of experience utilising entheogens, studying traditional and naturopathic medicine as a tool for her own healing from a variety of teachers, including Baba Kilindi Iyi and many others. She also teaches about how we can learn to use Entheogenic and ethnobotanical plants and fungi safely and respectfully. As a neurodivergent teacher and student, Acacea has created a free 3d interactive Divine Master Alchemy vision board on Thortspace with assistance from one of its founders.