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In addition to a biennial conference, Breaking Convention also hosts a series of evening lectures throughout the year.  You can also find us at select festivals during the summer months, and we also work with partners on workshops at various locations in the UK.  See below for the latest up-coming events and for recent content produced.


Worlds Collide - Breaking Convention

Worlds Collide - A day of Interpenetrating Conversations on Psychedelia

Saturday 2nd July, 2022


Breaking Convention are back with a superb one day event following the theme of "Worlds Collide"; a series of panel discussions and talks exploring where different paradigms meet, places where we can create deep dialogue, opening areas where seeds can be sown in fertile new ground: such as, shamanism/medicine, culture/spirituality, ethics/therapy. Tension points to delve into and discuss!


We are carefully curating the programme, with some exciting speakers in the wings, we will confirm the full line up VERY SOON! Doors open at 9:00am, talks start at 10:00am and finish at 8:00pm.

In addition to a jam packed day of talks, you will also have access to our amazing after-party at JuJu's Bar & Stage in Shoreditch, in The Truman Brewery Square in the heart of East London's Brick Lane. Plenty of time to dance the night away into the early hours.

Not only that, but the ticket price includes a printed copy of the biennial Breaking Convention edited collection of essays published by Strange Attractor Press. There will also be stalls and Visionary art to peruse in between the talks!


We have 3 tiers of tickets; BENEFACTOR, STANDARD, CONCESSION. Please think carefully about which tier to choose. We are most grateful to those who can afford the Benefactor ticket, as you are helping someone who cannot afford it to attend.


We will be live-streaming the event, and the talks will be recorded and ticket holders will have exclusive access to the recordings before they go on to our YouTube channel.


You may or may not be aware that Breaking Convention is a registered charity and we are always grateful for any donations big or small to allow us to continue operating.

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Our YouTube channel hosts all the talks from past events.

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The Intermission - Breaking Convention

Breaking Convention - The Intermission

Saturday 14 August, 2021

You are invited to join other psychedelic-curious people at this unique day of talks. Our focus this year is very much on ethics, especially in relation to indigenous reciprocity and psychedelic capitalism. News of scientific research comes direct from the source, courtesy of a couple of luminaries from Imperial College London. We are honoured to host a lecture from Robin Carhart-Harris, Founder and Visiting Professor of Imperial’s Centre for Psychedelic Research, in his last public appearance before moving to America, and we are very pleased to welcome David Erritzoe, their Clinical Director, who will be telling us of their current and future research.

We start the day with the words and powerful presence of Don Eugenio Lopez Carilloo (Uru Muile), a Mara’akame in the Wixarika Laguna community, accompanied by Eusebio Lopez and Rodrigo Rurawe. We at Breaking Convention acknowledge the gratitude we owe to all those people who have kept the knowledge and practices of plant medicines alive for so long, in incredibly difficult circumstances.

Also on our stage will be several people with expertise and experience in the field of ethical engagement with psychedelics; from Canada, Andrea Langlois (activism and indigenous rights), and from closer to home our own Alexander Beiner (psychedelic capitalism) and Ashleigh Murphy-Beiner (ethics of the therapeutic process). Timmy Davis, of CDPRG, speaks about their current campaign for rescheduling psilocybin. There will be an in-depth panel discussion around these areas of ethical consideration.

Other special guests are still to be confirmed, watch this space!

There will of course be plenty of chances throughout the day to catch up with your friends in the social areas of the cinema; it has been far too long since we all got together in person. Expect some sound and light entertainment too. There will also be a stalls area to purchase merchandise, books and Wixarika beadwork.

Be sure to purchase tickets as soon as possible if you want to be sure of getting in, as we only have one room. This year, we are using an honour system to recognize the differing abundance levels of our audience. We have made as many Low-income tickets available as we can, but when you book please consider whether someone else may have a greater need, and if you can, buy a regular price ticket so they don’t miss out.

Click here for in-person tickets. We are also livestreaming the event and you can watch from the comfort of your home. Click here for tickets for the livestream.

Breaking Convention is a registered charity and we are always grateful for any extra donations if people wish to contribute extra. If you compelled to help out our wonderful organisation further you can donate any amount you wish to via this link

Nature, Summer & Psychedelics: Live Screening & Panel Discussion

Nature, Summer & Psychedelics: Live Screening & Panel Discussion

Thursday 19th November, 2020
The film presents fresh findings from Imperial College’s renowned Centre for Psychedelic Research, linking psychedelics with an increased sense of relating to nature with scientific evidence for the first time. We will explore the overlap between psychedelics and contact with nature as healing tools for mental health, and how this synergy might provide a wonderful opportunity to grow a nation of people who care more deeply about ecological issues.

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Nature, Summer & Psychedelics: Live Screening & Panel Discussion

The Altered State of Mothers: A talk by Jo Piercey

Sunday 29 November, 2020
"It is said that women in labour leave their bodies... they travel to the stars to collect the souls of their babies, and return to this world together" - anonymous This talk will be about labour and birth and the fear surrounding what could be the most profound experience a woman can have and will delve into the altered state that mothers can enter during labour: "It is so important for a woman to allow herself to fall into an altered state during labour in order to have the best birth."

Click here for tickets and more information

This event is DONATION based and is FREE to sign up, but in order to keep our events free we rely on the generosity of those who can afford it to donate. Breaking Convention is a registered charity and we rely on donations to operate!

You can find out more about the speaker Cookham Osteopathy and Cookham Doula 'Psychedelic Baby' art by Grande Dame here.
Darren Le Baron - For the love of Mushrooms

Darren Le Baron - For the love of Mushrooms

We’re very excited to announce that grass-roots researcher and teacher, the infamous Darren Le Baron will be presenting his most recent talk about the history and nature of mycology.

Psychedelic mushrooms have been used for millennia to reach altered states of consciousness. In this talk Darren explores the connections between psychedelics, relationships, love, sex and ceremony.

He will also share some of the latest scientific research, as well as exploring the ancient symbolism of mushrooms. He will reveal to you the amazing world of fungi, in his usual thought provoking and engaging way. Come and discover the hidden, and in some cases taboo knowledge and how it has become encoded in many cultures in our modern world!

This event is FREE, click here to sign up!
Honouring The Work And Legacy Of Kilindi Iyi

Honouring The Work and Legacy of Kilindi Iyi

Thank you for tuning in to our zoom event 'Honouring the Work & Legacy of Kilindi Iyi'.

The talk is now available on YouTube, please feel free to share widely.

As some of you may be aware, proceeds from this event are being donated to The Detroit Psychedelic Conference, an event Kilindi was organising before his passing. It is happening this weekend (7th-9th Aug) with a memorial to Kilindi on Sunday. We wish the organisers and attendees a great event, and for those of us who cannot make it we will be thinking of Kilindi on Sunday during this memorial ceremony. The conference will not be virtual but the organisers will film the event which will be available afterwards. For more info visit the Detroit Psychedelic Conference.

You can still donate via using the reference 'kilindi'.

We would like to thank Darren (, Ayana, Moudou and Omolewa for sharing your stories with us.

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R.I.P Baba Kilindi Iyi
DOSED movie
DOSED + Q&A (18)
Sat 29th Feb 2020 14:55, Genesis Cinema, 93-95 Mile End Road, London, UK

After many years of prescription medications failed her a suicidal woman turns to underground healers to try and overcome her depression, anxiety, and opioid addiction with illegal psychedelic medicine like magic mushrooms and iboga.
Shroomshop with Darren Springer
Shroomshop with Darren Springer: Mushroom growing workshop
Thurs 13th Feb 2020
University of Greenwich, London
Psychedelics, Ego Death and The Afterlife, Darren Springer
"Psychedelics, Ego Death and The Afterlife", Darren Springer
Weds 5th Feb 2020
University of Greenwich, London
Rick Dodgson on Ken Kesey
Author and Historian Rick Dodgson on countercultural icon Ken Kesey
Thurs 16th Jan 2020
University of Greenwich, London