Maria Papaspyrou

Depth Relational Process in Psychedelic assisted Therapy.

As psychedelic medicines are moving towards becoming integrated into mainstream medicine, psychiatry and psychotherapy, we face the danger of narrowing down their incredible breadth, depth and potential. Integrative models can support to the psychedelic therapeutic field’s inherent diversity, facilitating an ongoing dialogue between often diametrically opposed disciplines and traditions, such as psychiatry and shamanism. Depth Relational Process is a model Maria Papaspyrou and Dr Tim Read have co-developed to support their work and 2-year training in psychedelic assisted therapy, through the Institute of Psychedelic Therapy. The integrative approach of Depth Relational Process is an attempt to maintain the core values of psychedelic inquiry through a framework that supports diversity, integrity and meaningfulness in the meeting of expanded states with our western disciplines and culture.

Maria Papaspyrou is a senior accredited psychotherapist, supervisor and systemic facilitator based in Brighton UK (Towards Wholeness). Her clinical practice focuses on psychedelic integration and working as a supervisor for individuals and organisations in this field. She has co-edited “Psychedelic Mysteries of the Feminine” with Chiara Baldini and David Luke and “Psychedelics & Psychotherapy: The Healing Potential of Expanded States” with Dr Tim Read. Together with Tim Read they have cofounded and codirect the Institute of Psychedelic Therapy and curated and teach a two-year professional training in psychedelic assisted therapy, based on their model of Depth Relational Process.