The Psychedelic Renaissance - 2nd Edition

The Psychedelic Renaissance - 2nd Edition

By Ben Sessa
Muswell Hill Press, 2017

Ben Sessa takes the reader on a journey through the fascinating history of psychedelic plants and chemicals, examining their role in human culture from prehistory to modern times. Based on a thorough review of scientific evidence, he makes a clarion call for a reevaluation of their clinical potential with appropriate setting in scientific research, psychiatry, psychotherapy, and personal growth. First published in 2012, Psychedelic Renaissance has been externalensively revised and expanded to incorporate the extraordinary developments in research into psychedelics over the intervening years.

Dr. Ben Sessa is a NHS Consultant Child and Adolescent Psychiatrist working in Taunton, Somerset with children and young people with a wide range of severe mental disorders. He trained in medicine at University College London and is a member of the Royal College of Psychiatrists. Dr. Sessa’s research into psychedelic therapy has been published in The British Journal of Psychiatry. He has worked alongside Professor David Nutt at Bristol and Imperial universities as part of the growing research into therapeutic applications for the drug psilocybin. He is currently planning a clinical study looking at MDMA-assisted psychotherapy as a tool to manage treatment-resistant PTSD. His interest in this field stems from a fascination with the myriad of possibilities for therapy and neuroscientific research afforded by this unique class of compounds. Whilst accepting that the psychedelic drugs have a complex and controversial social history, he believes these drugs carry great potential to improve the depth of psychotherapy for patients whose history of trauma makes them resistant to many traditional approaches.

"Onward, intrepid explorer, keep your wits, while allowing them to be tickled, as Dr Sessa leads you into a world of remarkable wonders! You are in for a real treat!"
- Dr Robin Carhart-Harris, Head of Psychedelic Research, Imperial College London

"This new book is a succinct, entertaining overview of the emerging “Psychedelic Renaissance” written by an insider, and one of the brightest young architects of this new emerging paradigm."
- Dr Dennis J. McKenna, Ethnopharmacologist

"With intelligence, fact-based optimism and compassion Sessa throws open the doors of perception and guides the reader through the complexities of the history, pharmacology, legality and potential of these miraculous molecules."
- Andy Roberts, Author and British LSD History Researcher

"This new edition of Sessa’s, The Psychedelic Renaissance, will encourage researchers to work in this field, to the benefit of our understanding of how the brain works and to develop new approaches to psychiatric disorders."
- Professor David Nutt, Imperial College London, Dept of Psychopharmacology

"Dr. Ben Sessa prescribes a way forward; mainstreaming psychedelics for a world in deep need of spirituality and inspiration. The Psychedelic Renaissance is a book that deserves to be widely read."
- Dr Rick Doblin, CEO of MAPS

"Ben Sessa’s energetic review of the research and cultural use of psychedelics provides a unique perspective. The way forward is clear: we urgently need more scientific research, and a rational reform of drug policies."
- Amanda Feilding, CEO of The Beckley Foundation

"The Psychedelic Renaissance will inevitably and rightly be seen as an important marker of their assimilation into the cultural mainstream. I highly recommend it."
- Dr Ralph Metzner, Psychedelic Researcher and former colleague of Timothy Leary

"Dr. Sessa skilfully chronicles important developments, perhaps a turning point, in psychiatry and in the understanding of psychedelics in the wider culture. This new updated edition of The Psychedelic Renaissance is informative, entertaining and timely."
- Dr Michael Mithoefer, Pioneer of MDMA Therapy for PTSD

Daniel TM Campbell