Breaking Convention: Psychedelic Pharmacology For The 21st Century

Breaking Convention: Psychedelic Pharmacology For The 21st Century

Edited by Ben Sessa, David Luke, Cameron Adams, Dave King, Aimée Tollan & Nikki Wyrd
Strange Attractor Press, 2017

Presenting an interdisciplinary selection of twenty-five essays first delivered at Breaking Convention 2015, the third conference on psychedelic consciousness, culture, and clinical research, held at the University of Greenwich, London.

Breaking Convention is the largest symposium of its kind, featuring more than 120 academic presentations biennially. Widely regarded as one of the foremost global platforms for serious research into psychedelic pharmacology, the conference has been instrumental in altering popular attitudes towards policy reform, with research focusing on the potential benefits that psychedelic therapies might hold in the treatment of depression, post-traumatic stress disorder, and in harm reduction among habitual substance abusers. Psychedelic Pharmacology for the 21st Century spans the sciences and humanities, from philosophy and neuroscience through chemical models of action to clinical use. This latest volume includes cross-cultural approaches exploring the global drug economy, clinical MDMA trials, histories of psychedelic literature, the enigma of the pineal gland, acid mediumship and psychedelic landscaping.

"Breaking Convention lives up to its name. It is a panoramic survey of the controversial world of psychedelic substances, their history, and their use. There is something here for everyone: psychologists, anthropologists, philosophers, psychotherapists, political activists, and readers who simply want to know more about the drugs and herbal brews they or their friends have been ingesting ... a bold testament to the pursuit of knowledge."
- Stanley Krippner, PhD

"From shamanic rituals to the 1960s cultural revolution, from psychopharmacology to ethnobotany, from phenomenology to parapsychology, from MDMA to ayahuasca, this collection of essays covers a vast range of contemporary studies of mind-expanding substances. Provocative and highly recommended."
- Ralph Metzner, PhD

Sam Gandy • Allan Badiner • Friedericke Meckel Fischer • Tharcila Chaves • John Constable • Lorna Olivia O’Dowd • Rick DoblinAmanda Fielding • Mike Crowley • Rob Dickins • Luke Goaman-Dodson • Ido Hartogsohn • Scott J. Hill • Will Rowlandson • David E. Nichols • Jennifer Lyke and Julia Kuti • Michael Montagne • Jonathan Newman • Carl A.P. Ruck • Dale Pendell • Alan Piper • Graham St. John • Bruce Rimmel • Iker Puente • Tim Read


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