Acid Drops

Acid Drops

By Andy Roberts
Psychedelic Press, 2018

Acid Drops is a collection of essays, interviews, and fiction by renowned historian Andy Roberts, author of Albion Dreaming: A Popular History of LSD in Britain. Historical articles on the banning of LSD in Britain and Welsh Psilocybin festivals, are coupled with intimate interviews with such figures as LSD chemist Casey Hardison, Jeff Dexternaler, Andy Munro, and Liz Elliot. As well as being an extraordinary record of British psychedelic culture over the last sixty years, the book is a very frank account of the author's personal experiences of LSD and the world of the counterculture. It includes a Foreword by MDMA researcher Dr Ben Sessa, and an Afterword by the occultist Julian Vayne.

"Andy is an anti-authoritarian, free-thinking individual who has happily nailed his colours to the weirdness mast without being lost in its sea of ethereal fluffiness"
- Ben Sessa MD, psychedelic researcher

"Acid Drops grows from real-life experience of these powerful mind altering substances, and Andy has made his experiences manifest in writing"
- Julian Vayne, writer and occultist

Ciaran Shaman